Python you want a string you get a tuple – howzat ?

October 6, 2013

Python you want a string you get a tuple – howzat ? Summary How come you’re getting a tuple when you passed a string ? Don’t do this at home This is something that happened to me today. It really perplexed me so maybe this post will help someone else. My class I’d got a […]


repoze.catalog and ZODB beginners example – part 2

November 11, 2012

A beginners example of retrieving objects from ZODB after having indexed them with repoze.catalog. Part two of a two part series.


repoze.catalog and ZODB beginners example – part 1

November 5, 2012

A beginners example of using ZODB and repoze.catalog to store objects into ZODB and have them indexed by repoze.catalog


Droopy : Very simple HTTP file uploads

October 19, 2012

droopy is a single python script which provides a simple web-server for uploading files to the host – here are some examples of how to use it.


Crazy little thing called : SimpleHTTPServer

June 12, 2012
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In Python the SimpleHTTPServer module allows you to produce a one line webserver


optparse: simulating ‘–help’

May 21, 2012

Using pythons optparser to print a summary of script options under program control


Using Paramiko to control an EC2 instance

April 20, 2012

Using the Python library Paramiko to ‘remote control’ an EC2 instance


Find (Python) File in which object is defined

September 18, 2011

Finding where a Python object is defined using the inspect module of the Python Standard Library


The Python dict() constructor

March 22, 2011

How to add key/value pairs to an existing dictionary using the dict() contstructor


Where is Django installed ?

March 21, 2011

It’s useful to know where Django is installedfor a number of reasons – customising admin templates for instance