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“Hello World” for Nullsoft Installer

Simplest Possible Example for Nullsoft Installer

A pointer to a “Hello World” script for the Nullsoft Installer


A pointer to some very simple Nullsoft Installer examples

Getting Started

Our company makes good use of the Nullsoft Installer (aka NSIS) – like most installers it’s not super easy to use but it’s the best I’ve seen for our purposes.

The other day I was introducing another developer to the Nullsoft Installer.

I find it really useful in these situations to have as simple an example as possible to start off from. Within the Nullsoft site there’s a whole set of useful tutorials and one of those is “Simple Tutorials” including one that is as simple a NSIS script as you can possibly have.

If you’re starting out from scratch with NSIS it’s worth reading through as getting started with NSIS can be a bit of a head scratcher !