Hello world from MainlyData

Welcome to my new blog. My name Richard Shea, I live in New ZealandWellington to be specific and I work in IT (general enough for you ?). My working time is split between managing developers and doing development work myself.

So why the blog ? For more years than I care to remember strangers from all over the world have provided me with help and I’ve really got to thinking that I should give back more than I do, this blog is my attempt at that.

I intend to write some articles about stuff that passes under my nose which I feel others might benefit from – my main areas of work are :

  • relational database;
  • C# both for ASP.Net and otherwise and;
  • ta-da ! – Python.

In fact the nature of my job is that I often get involved in stuff way outside of those areas as well but that’s the bread and butter and so will be the bulk of the material

Here’s to someone going home early on the back of my efforts !

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