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Sssh ! – Cloudflare Secrets are Environment Variables


When working with Cloudflare Workers you sometimes need to use a feature which Cloudflare calls “Secrets” .

Creating a Secret

To create a “Secret” called “FOO” you do this …

$ wrangler secret put FOO

… and you’ll get prompted for what value you want to associate with ‘FOO’.

Viewing a Secret via the Dashboard

The strange thing is that if you go into your Cloudflare dashboard there’s no sign of any “Secret”.

After a good deal of digging around I found the “Secret” I had created but it’s not referred to as “Secret” it’s labelled “Environment Variables”. That’s actually a better name for it than “Secret” but it’s pretty confusing and there’s no reference that I can find for it in the Cloudflare documentation.

In Detail

So just to be clear this is how you find your “Secret” …

  • Logon to your Cloudflare dashboard
  • Select ‘Workers’
  • In the resulting list of ‘Workers’ select the one you create a ‘Secret’ for.
  • In the resulting screen select “Settings”
  • There are two options within “Settings”, they are “General” and “Variables”, select “Variables”
  • Your “Secret” is now visible under the heading “Environmental Variables”.