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Crazy little thing called : SimpleHTTPServer

Crazy little thing called : SimpleHTTPServer


Python brings you a one line web-server !

Simplest webserver ever !

I was logged onto a tiny VPS I use sometimes and thinking it would be useful to have a web-server to help move a few files off it. The thought of installing a ‘real’ web-server seemed a bit much for what would five minutes of use so I started thinking about Python (of course !).

It turns out that you can fire up a (completely unsecured and rather wild-west) web server like this :

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

When you type that command the current directory becomes the root of a web-resource, accessible via port 8000 – rather than the default port 80 we usually use for HTTP, and any files, and sub-directories, in the current directory can be accessed like this


and, for stuff in sub-directories, like this


Don’t say you weren’t warned

There are of course all sort of circumstances where doing this would be a REALLY BAD IDEA ™ but all the same it’s nice to know it’s there if you need it !